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UF-MS Series Bead Filter

The Bead Filter holds Aqua foam beads which acts as mechanical filtration by entrapping dirt particles and also biological filtration by housing nitrifying bacteria on the form bead surface where biological nitrification occurs. Nitrifying bacteria processes dissolved nitrogenous waste products excreted by the aquatic organism being cultured. For ecological swimming pool, a specific bacteria can be housed on form bead for the mechanical and biological filtration to take place.
Application :
Ecosystem fish pond, Koi Pond, Aquarium and Biological Pool
Warranty :
1 Years Tank, 1 year on Multiport Valve
Highlight Features :
  • iberglass tank with Bobbin wound for added strength (Laminated version is available upon request) 
  • Clear access lid for backwash viewing 
  • Automatic air release valve  
  • Inlet vortex lateral 
  • Vertical outlet lateral 
  • Up-flow design with internal vortex 
  • Filtration down to 100 microns 
  • Bio absorption down to 5 microns 
  • Vortex solid separator 
  • Settling cone for debris capture 
  • Vortex drain at bottom of settlement area 
  • Efficient backwash
  • Food grade Aqua Foam Bead included 
  • SSA (Specific Surface Area) of Aqua Foam Bead: 452 ft2/ft3 
Advantages :
  • Filters are 100% factory tested according to international and Minder improved standard 
  • Dual layer fiberglass design with reinforced filament cross-winding for best strength, longevity and high-performance application. Lifetime of filter at  10 years 
  • Durable and suitable for all-weather performance indoor and outdoor. UV and corrosion resistant. 
  • Transparent lid for easy media monitoring and also smart air release for automatic negative & positive air pressure release 
  • Multiport valve with engraved laser printed for label long lifetime 


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