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MXB Eco Series Pump
MXB Eco Series Pump Cost Screen
MXB Eco Series Pump
MXB Eco Series Pump Cost Screen

Minderspeed™ MXB-Eco Series Variable Speed Pump

MINDERSPEED™ ECO is a variable speed pump with inverter technology now equipped with PUMPSAFE. It employs the latest AC bearing technology and equipped with energy saving motor and variable speed driver. It also offers lower speed options for energy saving and in-turn reducing noise & vibration level.
Application :
Domestic and Semi-commercial Swimming Pool (1.5 hp / 3 hp)
Warranty :
2 years (1 year O-rings & Mechanical Seal)
Highlight Features :
  • Protection: Eliminate Run-Dry. Protect mechanical seal and motor.
  • Smarter Backwash: Automatically maximise speed during backwash for ultimate backwash result and reduce water consumption.
  • Money Matters: Running cost is shown on home screen.
  • Right Speed at the Right Time: Low speed at night for low noise, highly-speed at off-peak electricity cycle for cost efficiency. All in your control.
  • 7-days Schedule: 3 cycles per day, Monday to Sunday
Advantages :
  • Pumps are 100% factory tested according to international and Minder improved standard
  • Steel reinforced In/Outlet connection for added strength
  • Robust Glass Reinforced PP body
  • Ultra quiet and high performance motor
  • Union connection in metric and imperial standard available
  • Angle-Adjustable Union included (conventional union available by request)
  • Optional Air-wash function for air-scour filter backwash to reduce water waste
  • Enclosure Class IP55 & Insulation Class F
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