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At Minder, sales support is the core of our customer relationship with our valued customers. Our sales & marketing team makes sure that our customers are: 

  • Rewarded for their loyalty 
  • Taking advantage of our promotional offers 
  • Enjoying the support of our after sales service
  • Communication easily with our multi-lingual team: English, Chinese, Malay-Indonesia, Tamil, Arabic, Turkish, Turkmen and Russian 

We also ensure our partners-customers are having excellent sales & technical support: 

  • Technical support: Expert line on product advices, technical know-how etc. 
  • Training: We provide training sessions to help our partners to support their customers in the best possible technical and service 
  • Exhibition (Partners meet-up & establish new contacts)
  • Social Media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter (Stay tune for our promotional, product information & events)
  • Marketing materials: Catalogue, ID-photos, Flyers, Banners, Product display unit and merchandise 

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