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MVB Series Vortex Airblower

MVB Series Vortex Airblower provide high pressure with excellent airflow and low noise. High performance motor which ensure safety and stable performance.
Application :
Domestic and Commercial Swimming Pool, Aquaculture and Industrial application
Warranty :
1 years
Highlight Features :
  • Low Noise and Vibration

Excellent balance of mechanical components to minimize vibration and noise

  • Dust-Proof Mechanical Seal

Prevent contaminated air flow and possible damages from foreign particles

  • High Reliability

Direct single connection of motor shaft and Impeller which provides reliability and long-term performance. No additional components such as gears, belts motor brushes which require frequent maintenance.

  • Space-Efficient Design

Unique design results in substantial airflows at moderate pressures in minimum space and weight

  • Versatility

Easily throttle and changed from pressure to suction operation. May be mounted in a variety of fashion

  • Stable Airflow

Centrifugal compressor design delivers smooth and stable airflow with no pulsation

  • High Pressure Airflow

Produces continuous high-pressure airflow and ideal for industrial application

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