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Residential Pool

Residential swimming pool market is the largest market compared to commercial pool and is expected to maintain its dominant position. It is also expected to continually grow due to the rising income level of population around the world. Countries such as U.S., major European countries, China , India and several other countries across the world is a positive factor for global construction of swimming pools. Attractive features of pools such as spa, water features will further draw attention to property buyer who influence developers and builders to include in their projects. Additionally, a growing number of global travellers and a booming tourism industry, supported by an increase in the income and tourism spending, are expected to in the hotel, villa and B&B output.

Minder offer a wide range of swimming pool equipment technologies for the residential pool market such as swimming pool & spa new construction, pool maintenance and water features. Also with the ever increasing of the DIY market, Minder provides easy to install and service equipment. We have delivered our equipment all around the world with excellent quality as its core, cost competitive and support.

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