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Zoos and Aquariums

The zoos and aquariums industry have seen a rising demand among the developing countries due to the increasing demand for theme parks. As the consumers in developing nations found themselves with more available disposable income, they took more domestic trips to such industry establishment.

Minder offers a wide range of aquaculture equipment such as filters, recirculating pumps for sea water application, bead filter, protein skimmer (foam fractionator), bio-filter and oxygenation cones. Our fiberglass filters are made with industrial grade filament winding technology for added strength with option of operating pressure up to 8 bar. It is also available in different configuration such as vertical or horizontal type, and diameter size up to 3 meter and length 5 meter.  We have delivered our equipment to key aquaculture players around the world with excellent quality at our core, cost competitiveness and support.

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