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F Series Bobbin Wound Vertical Commercial Filter

Vertical Commercial filters made for high performance and heavy-duty filtration purpose with focus application for extended media depth bed. High quality materials are used to manufacture the tank inner fiberglass layer and outer layer with reinforced filament winding. Equipment comes with smart air relief valve, dual oil pressured gauge and drain set.
Application :
Commercial Swimming Pool, Waterparks, Aquarium, Aquaculture, Fountain, Industrial water treatment
Warranty :
1 years filter tank and 1 year fittings
Highlight Features :
  • Filter diameter ranges from 1.2m to 3.0meter
  • Media depth bed: 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m and 2.0m.
  • Designed velocity at 50m3/h/m2
  • Standard models in 2.5bar or 4.0bar operating pressure available. Custom-made model up to 8.0bar available.
  • Standard inclusion: smart drain set for sand and water, smart air release valve and dual oil pressure gauge
  • Standard Van stone flange connection (DIN Standard). ANSI standard available upon request.
  • Filtration System: Standard Laterals or optional Nozzle Collection System for high performance filtration and air-scour backwash for wastewater saving up to 50% available
  • Customization of media depth bed and accessories available
Advantages :
  • Filters are 100% factory tested according to international and Minder improved standard
  • Smart air release valve for manual positive pressure air release and automatic negative air pressure release during water draining
  • Dual layer fiberglass design with reinforced filament winding for added strength, longevity and high-performance application. Lifetime of filter at 10 = 15 years
  • Durable and suitable for all-weather performance indoor and outdoor. UV and corrosion resistant.
  • Comes with Fibreglass base for excellent structural support
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