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10 reasons why fiberglass filter is better

10 Reasons why Fiberglass Filter is better than plastic filter and stainless-steel filter

Have you ever thought how many types of media filters and it’s material made are out there?

With ever changing market demand for higher quality and at competitive price of media filter, Fiberglass filter is invented to outweigh value and benefits over plastic and stainless-steel filter.

Below are 10 reasons why fiberglass filter is better for your water treatment application.

  1. Fiberglass Filter has higher strength/weight ratio than stainless steel. 1/3 lighter than steel while having the same strength as steel.
  2. Fiberglass filter is cost effective than stainless steel as the material cost is lower than steel.
  3. Fiberglass filter has higher strength than plastic. Plastic filter is able to withstand up to 2.5bar whereas Fiberglass filter with filament winding (bobbin wound) can be made to withstand pressure up to 8bar.
  4. Fiberglass filter are flexible to be moulded to any shape and size compare to plastic which requires highly invested blow mould or plastic injection mould.
  5. Fiberglass filter is resistant to corrosive chemical compare to stainless steel, therefore it is easier to maintain
  6. Fiberglass filter is lighter compare to stainless steel, there it is easier to ship and install compare to stainless steel
  7. Fiberglass filter can be made into one piece without any tank joint that may cause potential leak such as on stainless filter
  8. Fiberglass filter can be made into any sizes and types compare to plastic filter
  9. Fiberglass filter can be made with laminated version for premium outlook compare to stainless steel and plastic filter
  10. Fiberglass filter can be added with accessories such as side-manhole, internal sight-glass etc. for ease of operation and maintenance.

Therefore, fiberglass filters are the choice of the current filter. The filter are to be applied in commercial and industrial sectors such as process water treatment, wastewater treatment, cooling tower, pre-treatment for reverse osmosis (desalination), ground water treatment, ion exchange, biofiltration, commercial swimming pool (waterparks), aquarium oceanarium, aquaculture, fish pond and many more.

Furthermore, the residential sector such as swimming pool may also benefit from the cost-efficient process of making this industrial grade bobbin wound filter for residential pools.

Find out more what Minder has to offer on wide ranges of fiberglass filter for difference application.

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