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Process Water Treatment

Process water is broadly defined as water used in industry, manufacturing processes, power generation and similar applications. 

The specific process water requirements of various industries and plants vary enormously. Water is therefore produced using a variety of process water technologies depending on the feed water and final water quality and volume requirements.

Industrial water treatment is needed since if unclean water is utilized in the production process then the unwanted substances can have a negative affect product quality. And if water is used in production processes, impurities can directly affect product quality.

The primary goal of industrial water treatment is to avoid the occurrence of scaling, biological contamination and corrosion and to guarantee that water disposal standards are maintained as well as reducing solids such as waste product, organic materials and sand, the overall system is capable of failing when there is an imbalance amongst industrial water treatment processes with vital components being susceptible to corrosion due to scaling conditions.

Some common ways to reduce solids include primary filtration, sedimentation (clarification) and screening, when onsite treatment equipment is needed, Minder offer industry-leading filtration system solutions to solve many of your most challenging wastewater issues. MINDER’s pre-treatment equipment can reduce loads on your process water treatment processes, lower or prevent sewer surcharge fees and improve water reuse.

Process Water Uses

Here are just few examples of industrial process water use:

  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries: process water is required that continuously meets stringent regulatory requirements
  • Food and beverage industries: flexible water purification and contaminant removal systems support the need for ingredient water
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries: process water is used for cooling tower systems, makeup water and blowdown treatment systems
  • Automotive industry: vehicle production plants have a significant demand for process water of known quality
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