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Drinking Water Treatment

Drinking water has a strict requirement on the water quality, different countries and organizations make different requests.

Municipalities need to provide reliable, high quality drinking water in an increasingly challenging environment while operating effectively and efficiently. One way to efficiently do this is through drinking water treatment plants and systems.

In general, drinking water must be treated to remove every possible suspended solid, other impurities, bacteria, etc.

MINDER’s media filters are designed with coarse media layers to trap larger suspended matter and hold smaller particles in the layers of media found deeper in the bed. The outcome is highly capable filtering since removal occurs throughout the entire bed. The usual number of particles eliminated from multi-media filters are between 5 to 15 microns in size or even larger. Every media used within our filters are specifically chosen according to the size of the particles for the media to retain its stratification during rinse and backwash. Automatic backwashing system eliminates trapped pollutants within the media bed and filters them out at the end of the process.

Sediment filters remove suspended matter such as silt, sand, clay, loose scale, and organic substances from water sources. Untreated water is directed through a filter medium, which keeps suspended matter on the surface or within the filter.

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