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Aquaculture & Aquaponics

With the ever-increasing population and limited wild fisheries supplies that aren’t able to meet the supplies, Aquaculture mechanism has been introduced to take up the challenge to meet the global seafood demand challenge.

Aquaculture has grown faster than any other form of food production. Today, utilizing advanced recirculating aquaculture system allows farmers to achieve a farm-to-table strategy by locating facilities on land near key markets. This reduces shipping costs and shortens delivery timeframes, while offering consumers a superior fresh product.

On the other hand, Aquaponics provides additional system for cultivating vegetation plantation for O carbon footprint which is able to supply fisheries and vegetations near urban focus area.

At Minder, we offer a wide range of aquaculture equipment such as recirculating pumps, bead filter, protein skimmer (foam fractionator), bio-filter and oxygenation cones. We have delivered our equipment to key aquaculture players around the world with excellent quality at our core, cost competitiveness and support.

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