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MOB Series Above Ground Filtration System

MOB Series is an All-in-one system designed for easy and fast installation to replace concrete plant-room. It is designed and made with high-quality fibreglass case for all-weather purpose. The system is built with filter, pump and ready pipes fitting. Also available as an option are chlorine chemical feeder, Salt-chlorinator, automated pool chemistry control system and control box for pump and lights.
Application :
Domestic pool
Warranty :
1 years filter tank, 1 year MPV fittings, 1 year Casing and 1 year pump
Highlight Features :
  • Filter diameter ranges from 21” (550mm) to 28” (700mm)
  • Pump power ranges from 0.5HP to 3.0HP
  • Designed velocity at 48 m3/h/m2
  • Standard models in 2.5bar or 4.0bar operating pressure available.
  • Union connection in metric and imperial standard available
  • Standard laterals collection system
  • Customization of filter and pump pairing available upon request
  • Optional add-ons of chlorine chemical feeder, Salt-chlorinator and control box for pump, automated pool chemistry control system and lights available.
Advantages :
  • Filters are 100% factory tested according to international and Minder improved standard
  • Durable fibreglass reinforced plastic casing to withstand all weather conditions and performance indoor and outdoor.
  • Quick installation. All pipe works are pre-cut and ready for installation
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