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protein skimmer
protein skimmer

Protein Skimmer (Foam Fractionator)

Minder protein skimmer is made of high-grade fiberglass and resin and designed with the industry’s leading stealth bubble device to achieve high efficiency and energy saving
Application :
Municipal water treatment, Aquaculture and Aquarium
Warranty :
1 years tank, 1-year fittings and 2 years pump
Highlight Features :
  • Protein skimmer diameter ranges from 400mm – 2000mm 
  • Height ranges from 2100mm – 3200mm 
  • All model has a built-in UV sanitation system, which utilise retention time to neutralize germs and bacteria 
  • Unique foam generator with needle wheel impeller has 30% increase in effectiveness compare to traditional protein skimmer equipped with injectors 
  • Powered by high performance MINDERSPEED pump 
  • Large sight glass for ease of inspection 
  • Constructed with corrosion-free material therefore suitable for outdoor installation 
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