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Pre-treatment for Reverse Osmosis (Desalination)

Seawater covers 71% of the planet surface and represents 97% of the world’s water.

MINDER’s solutions deliver a reliable supply of fresh water from virtually any saltwater source such as seawater or brackish water.

Tackling seawater desalination requires careful testing early in the project lifecycle. MINDER’s solutions start with pre-treatment components that protect membrane desalination systems by removing suspended solids and impurities. After careful analysis of your source water and conservation needs. MINDER’S depth filters offer superior SDI reduction, lower pressure drop with greater dirt holding capacity and up to twice the life of conventional depth filters.

Here are some of the key benefits provided by water pre-treatment:

  • Extends the life of subsequent reverse osmosis (RO) plant membranes
  • Ensures that the water delivered to the RO or EDI (electrode ionisation) system meets the required quality standard
  • Supports the delivery of a continuous and dependable water supply
  • Maximises the overall water processing plant lifecycle, thus reducing costs
  • Municipal water tank: Solve the instability problem of tap water pressure and reduce the mechanical failure.
  • Quartz sand filter: Tap water, running from upper of tank, is separated from the filter layer by the lower water distributor, forming filtered water.
  • Activated carbon filter: After activated carbon adsorption, the residual chlorine of tap water can generally be reduced to below 0.1mg/l.
  • Precision filter: Mainly use of 5us melt blown filter core, can remove fine particles.
  • High pressure pump: To provide the required power for reverse osmosis operation.
  • Reverse osmosis system: Play the core component of reverse osmosis pure water equipment.
  • Pure water tank: used for storage of pure water
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