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Cooling Towers

Cooling Towers act in a similar way to air scrubbers by collecting all particles from the surrounding environment into the cooling water. These particles, such as dust, sand, algae and pollen easily attach to hot surfaces during circulation inside the cooling system and cause clogging, fouling and reduction in efficiency of the process, which results in the shutdown of the system for cleaning. Efficient filtration is very important for maintaining the continuous operation of the cooling system.

By using MINDER’s filters in your HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) or cooling tower water treatment systems, either as side stream or full flow applications, you will avoid all these problems.

By filtering the cooling water, you will also decrease chemical material consumption for water conditioning. (chlorine, biocides, algaecides, etc) as well as eliminating corrosion, deposition, fouling, and biological growth.

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